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Great & Minor


Setups, Entries and exits 

Dear Trader

Great Reversals are just that. They often run on and on for thousands of pips. Over the years, I've sent out a regular newsletter and, from time to time, it featured some truly great reversals. However, although these major reversals can bring in the big bucks,they don't happen often enough!

It's the minor reversals from patterns, failed patterns, trends, corrections and range reverses that bring home the regular, day to day profits. As traders, that's what we do, spotting low risk entries that run all day or maybe a week or so.Take our profits and move on to the next setup.

It's the 'how to trade' features ofGreat and Minor reversalsthat are featured within this new trading system, but it's the failed reversals that so often become the super profitable ones that can give us very satisfying profits.

Fails that come good.It is said that markets exist to 'confound and muddle the majority of traders for most of the time'. The unexpected runs from these 'failed' moves work to the savvy traders benefit.Read on here, take the no risk trial and learn how these 'failures', and many more, can be amongst the best trades you will ever take.

Best regards.