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Diligence pays off Print
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Thursday, 09 April 2020 09:33

Diligence pays off...

Dear Trader and Clickevents reader

That is the message Governments across much of the world are telling us.

Stay at home, be diligent about following the rules, and you will stay safe, that's the message we are given

Only time will tell of course if those countries following full lockdowns, leads to an outcome that is different from those who are doing the opposite, such as Sweden.

For several decades, the goal of western world central banks, has been maximum global GDP growth. At all costs, of which, max debt was the supporting act. It's highly likely we are watching that growth collapsing as with a chain saw taken to a rotten tree.

In time, our children and grand children will read and talk about 2020 and how life was before. It's set to be very, very different in many ways.

Diligence rules

Markets will keep trending, sometimes up sometimes down, as they always have. Despite the recent volatility, profitable trades keep on coming.

It takes a degree of diligence and discipline to find the setups and follow trade management rules of course and those that stick at it will find the trades and survive.

Last week featured such a trade as you can seeat this link. On Monday morning this week, we had another great setup. It started out as a multi point reversal that gradually sloped upward, a sloping consolidation.

The full setup with points 1 and 2 was setting up from Friday. We just had to wait over the weekend for the trigger. That came just after the higher low at '5' on Monday morning. The setup was featured in the morning Traders Class video.

The initial risk of 22 pips resulted in a 6:1 winning trade as the new uptrend ran and ran. The set up was there to be seen and traded with some simple rules.

Notice how the indicators and oscillator, below the chart, showed us where the trend started and finished.

Take a trial ofthe twice weekly Traders Class videos that feature some of these setups. You canjoin up here, and, if you decide not to stay a member, at any time, you will receive an immediate refund of the unexpired part of your membership.


From the blog

How to be a professional trader

How to be a professional trader

The world we inhabit is dominated by the 80-20 principle.

Vilfredo Pareto changed the way we looked at many things, specifically micro-economics which he linked to social factors which went on to become popularised in recent years. Pareto observed the "law of the vital few". Approximately 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

Nowhere is this more apparent than a glance at the small print at the bottom of every spreading betting website. They are now required to publish how many clients lose - you guessed it, around 80% of their customers lose money.

So, what of the remaining 20% or so?

There are is no shortage of horror stories from the 80%. Many have been there. This article describes the spiral into despair which results from marketing hype and personal hubris, the Superman effect, following modest successes. 

Reality? A recent research report from Psyquation indicated that fewer than 20% become profitable after two years and only 1.2% are successful enough to make trading their career. Sobering stuff for those new to the game, but is it gambling? Thanks go to long term investor Gary Scott for the article below:

Trading and Investing is gambling.

Until we admit this, we cannot invest like the pros. However, once we recognize that every investment is a bet, can we become a professional investor instead of a stock and bond gambler?
The fact is professional gamblers are not really gamblers. They are investing pros who cash in on the imbalances of gamblers. They invest in bets instead of stocks and bonds.


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