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Keep Calm and Carry On Print
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Sunday, 29 March 2020 09:25

Keep Calm and Carry On

Lock down is now affecting many parts of the western world. GDP is collapsing and the chances of a major banking and bond run are getting greater, as last weeks newsletter highlighted.

Our world, as we knew it for a good part of our lives, may well become a different place. The ability to adapt has always, and will again, benefit those who can see opportunity rising from the ashes of this current set of disasters.

It's time to take a few deep breaths, avoid the largely hysterical media, ignore their fear mongering and put things into perspective by looking for those opportunities.

Stay Calm...

Staying cool and calm when all about are losing their heads is the profitable way to trade. Let others panic and chase their tails as they butterfly from one loss to another.

Last week showed a couple of trending charts and this last week gave us another.


Being vigilant, knowing what to look for and avoiding excitement finds trades like these, as Traders Class members do!

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From the blog

Four Poisons of the Mind

Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why by Laurence Gonzales (published 2004, W. W. Norton & Company) has many lessons for traders and here is one of them:

There is a Korean martial art called Kum Do. This is a brutal game that involves a fight to the death with very sharp swords. The way it is practiced today is with bamboo sticks, but the moves are the same. Kum Do teaches the student warriors to avoid what are called “The Four Poisons of the Mind.” These are: fear, confusion, hesitation and surprise.


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