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Keep Calm and Carry On Print
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Sunday, 29 March 2020 09:25

Keep Calm and Carry On

Lock down is now affecting many parts of the western world. GDP is collapsing and the chances of a major banking and bond run are getting greater, as last weeks newsletter highlighted.

Our world, as we knew it for a good part of our lives, may well become a different place. The ability to adapt has always, and will again, benefit those who can see opportunity rising from the ashes of this current set of disasters.

It's time to take a few deep breaths, avoid the largely hysterical media, ignore their fear mongering and put things into perspective by looking for those opportunities.

Stay Calm...

Staying cool and calm when all about are losing their heads is the profitable way to trade. Let others panic and chase their tails as they butterfly from one loss to another.

Last week showed a couple of trending charts and this last week gave us another.


Being vigilant, knowing what to look for and avoiding excitement finds trades like these, as Traders Class members do!

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From the blog

It Started with a Kiss - three in fact....

It started with a kiss - three in fact.....

Here we are again.

Those Westminster politicos have left us in yet another muddle, only more so. And Boris? it's a re-run of Theresa.

Off he popped to Eire then it's across to the continent. He's just what Barnier and crew wanted: A ham-strung, cornered British PM who, it seems, can now only grovel for one or two crumbs of improvement to Theresa's deal.

Leaving all that idiocy to one side, this week we have had some amazingly good economic news.

On Monday GDP improved by 0.3%, better than the 0.1% the market expected. Manufacturing production was also better at 0.3% against an expectation of -0.3%!

Today, Tuesday, we are treated to better than expected unemployment numbers and an average earnings increase. Mark Carney, talking this morning, seemed less concerned about the UK than with the slow down in global trade.

So what of the UK stock market?

Whilst the GBP has been rallying the FTSE100 has moved a little, but is lagging behind US and European stock markets.

Is now the time to be wading in?

The waves are suggesting a substantial move is due. A series of down waves has ended with a flat and three kisses.

The new up wave has broken above the last major lower high, a good sign. A possible corrective wave two will have completed if the Footsie can move above Monday's high. That would be the start of the money wave, W3.

As with most technical patterns, a triple bottom fails as many times as it leads to a reversal. But what this chart is telling us is that the FTSE is not yet ready to collapse - as long as it stays above the red line!

Mark Carney stated the obvious during his talk: Once the Brexit outcome is settled, major moves and investment is likely, given the last three years of uncertainty. The big question is, how much longer will the uncertainty last?

Perhaps we are about to see investors not waiting for certainty any longer.

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