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Silver Soars, Plus a January deal... Print
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Sunday, 12 January 2020 10:12

Silver Soars, Plus a January deal...

The first full trading week of the year has started with plenty for the markets to fret about.

Is WW3 about to start? Will Iran respond to the assassination of Soleimani? Will oil sky rocket? Will the US Dollar implode if/when the Fed hits zero interest rates? Will there be another major banking collapse because of the gathering inter bank liquidity crisis? The list goes on and on....

So far, stock markets are taking it all calmly. After all, the only game for stock traders is to watch the Fed. Forget about profits, PE ratios and traditional valuation techniques. The Fed will surely keep expanding the US balance sheet with QE into infinity, so just keep buying stocks guys - until they don't or can't.

Silver and Gold take off

In my last newsletter it looked that the time was ripe for precious metals and Silver to start a major move. They did.


The red line shows the entry for what turned out to be an excellent Christmas and New Year present. Up over over 100 points already.

Traders must always protect running profits with stops placed just under the last lows but could there be more to come?


The monthly chart shows how the waves unfolded in 2016. 2020 could be similar. Five wave moves are frequently found in strong trends as can be learned in the Dynamic Wave Trader course.

Starting from a similar level to three years before, we could see the current wave running to and above the recent wave 3 high.

As said in my last letter 'Any corrections against this new trend will not be likely to last for long'.

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