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The Bi-polar zigzag Print
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Sunday, 09 June 2019 09:09

It's all about China (again)

Plus, don't miss the discount ends Tuesday

The stock and currency markets have been locked in a bi-polar zig zag. It's the China trade talks, or lack of them, that powers the market. It zigs up when ever the mood music is good, then zags down again into depression as the two sides appear as intractable as ever. And that's what just happened this week as the doom intensified:

The chart of the Dow Jones 30 gave us a classic TMEST/Fib entry on Tuesday. The three red, high volume candles, showed us a run was about to start. And it certainly did run as shown in this week's Traders Class member videos.

On a £50k account at 1% risk, a £3 spread bet gave £1194. Not bad for a three day pop.   chart500



Pro rata for a £5k account would have given a respectable £119.

Click for the last few days of the TMEST/Harmo discount deal....


From the blog

It's the Dow at 20,000!!.

  The Bulls are roaring, the charge is unstoppable, just jump aboard and enjoy the ride!

  There's something about big round numbers, we see it so often. They seem to have a magical magnetic attraction and the Trump booster rocket has almost made it to the magic 20,000. There's an old stock market saying "Equities climb a wall of fear" and that seemed to apply in the immediate aftermath of Trump's election.


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