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Another great trade & It's the interest rate differential Print
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Wednesday, 06 March 2019 19:21

Another great trade and a special deal for you below...

At the recent London Forex Show I talked about some of the key issues that impact and move the major currencies. Amongst these were, will US interest rates keep rising and will the US Dollar strengthen or weaken.

The talking heads have told us all about how the US$ is doomed. It's the trillions of US debt they say, and expectations of a US recession kicking off this year.

And then the big one is the global petro dollar decline. China and Russia can now by-pass the US$ strangle hold on world energy markets and trade in Renimbi, Roubles and Euro's.

And then there is the Donald. Whenever he has an audience he tells us that the "gentleman at the fed likes a strong dollar". Clearly, Trump wants it to weaken to make US exports cheaper than the competition and keep 'his' stock market boom going.

The USDJPY just ignored the dollar doomsters...

The Jappy has been building a sloping consolidation during February. It gave a couple of false break outs and then set up a classic, MPR 1-2-3, higher low wave pattern as shown. The chart is from TMEST and the Harmonic Wave Trader courses. We took the signal and jumped on board.

So why is US$ refusing to sell off?

In time the petro dollar, which ensures that worldwide energy products are sold in US$ and guarantees worldwide demand for dollars, will have an effect. But the oil trade is not going to switch out of dollars anytime soon.

Over the long term it's highly likely the oil trade will fragment to other currencies, but the time frame can be counted in decades or generations. The US has too much to lose if the oil trade slips away from its dollar. As Gaddafi found out, and Venezuela's Maduro is realising, they will do whatever it takes to keep the strangle hold.

Bullying, bribery, sanctions, economic warfare, internal destabilisation, guerrilla warfare or just drop sufficient bombs, then installation of a puppet administration is what awaits any country with oil reserves that attempts to step away from the dollar.

It's the interest rate differential

Right now, of the major countries in the western world, the US Federal Reserve has the highest spot interest rate. Compare the US at 2.5% with negative -0.10% in Japan and the appeal of the US$ over the JPY is obvious.

Markets are always looking ahead at any hint of future changes to these rates and so future currency exchange rate levels will reflect this. At his last statement, Fed Chair Powell appeared minded to put further US rate increases on hold and so the US$ dropped back.

However, as the clock ticks toward the next Fed meeting and press conference on 20th March, the US$ is creeping up again. Perhaps the Fed chair will hint that there could possibly be a couple more quarter point increases this year.

After all is said, the US must keep an attractive interest rate so the rest of the world keep buying US treasury bonds and continue financing their ever bigger deficits - until the rest of the world finds a better deal elsewhere!


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