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Free money coming soon....... Print
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Tuesday, 10 December 2019 19:00

Free money

Coming soon to the

Western World...

Dear Trader and Clickevents reader

We've heard (and never believed) all that Central Bank promotional clap trap about QE & government bond buying. How it had to be done to avoid a banking system collapse and that it could be reversed just as soon as economic conditions normalise.

Japan set the QE mould, decades ago now, following their real estate and stock market bust in 1991. The US sub-prime and CDS fiasco triggered the 2007 banking bust which was neatly exported to European banks. Bailouts and QE became inevitable.


It'll never happen.

100% Discount - The Elliott Wave Principle Print
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Sunday, 08 December 2019 09:17

100% Discount

'The Elliott Wave


Dear Trader and Clickevents reader

Back in the late 1970's, Robert Prechter and A J Frost wrote their defining book, The Elliott Wave Principle.

Every aspiring Elliott technician should have copy to hand, and Robert has now made it available to you, at Zero cost, via the link below the article, read on for more...

False break reversal Print
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Tuesday, 19 November 2019 20:57

Could this be an Extreme Reversal?


The EURGBP has been on of the best currency pairs to trade since the referendum. And it looks ready to kick off again....

False Break Reversal

The FBR is one of the great reversal patterns. They show up time and again but can catch us out because we've been conditioned to stay with the dominant trend.

Inflation - we MUST achieve it Print
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Monday, 04 November 2019 12:44


Silver breaks out Print
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Friday, 25 October 2019 09:05


Silver makes it's move.

It's been a while waiting for this month long consolidation to mature.


All the Universal Trader indicators are pointing in the same direction and price action is following the rules for this to run into a major fifth wave.



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