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Friday, 20 June 2008 09:55

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From the blog

The NASDAQ keeps running

 Way back, on the run up to the millenium, we had the tech boom. Add the word 'Internet' to any start up and away it went stock price rising into the stratosphere. Earnings, who needs earnings? You just needed the magic words, 'Internet start up' and the money cascaded in.

'It's different this time' was the cliche of the times, and it was - until it wasn't.

Where are we now? In another tech boom, 1800+ points above the last peak in 2000.

The soon to be available, Nasdaq Trading course indicators with the FibFinder add on are suggesting the time might just be ripe for a top. Notice how the Colour Charts do a great job of defing the momentum trend runs, and changing colour when it's prudent to take profits. It'll be time to take cover when the next candles turn red.

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